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DAVID, W Dennis (#18)

…1939-40, the squadron suddenly had to face overwhelming odds when Germany invaded the Low Countries and France. On May 10 1940, David wrote “war really starts” in his logbook. He flew six sorties that day, and recorded his first kill, a Dornier 17 bomber (Do 17) over the Maginot Line….

HODGES, Lewis (#34)

Germany until the following April, when he was awarded the DFC. Lewis Macdonald Hodges (always known as Bob) was born on March 1 1918 at Richmond, Surrey, and educated at St Paul’s School. On hearing that he had been selected for the RAF College at Cranwell, the High Master commented:…

KENNEALLY, John Patrick (#275)

…he was stationed in Germany and, after joining the Guards Parachute Battalion, served in Palestine and Trans-Jordan before leaving the Army in the rank of Company Sergeant-Major. After the award of his VC, presented by General Alexander, Kenneally received thousands of letters from all over the world, and in 1945…

BARKER, John Lindsay (#307)

…a man who had previously flown only single-engine aircraft. Barker arrived on the squadron in November 1944 after completing a one-hour flight to familiarise himself with the Lancaster; but he immediately endeared himself to his men by insisting on flying on the next operation over Germany with a junior crew….

van ERP, Johannes ‘Jan’ (#159)

…Forced Labour in Germany and a year in Oranienburg Concentration Camp, had been sent back home to die in May 1944, extremely thin and unable to walk, delivered in a barrow. “Boys such as Jan would often take coded messages in a schoolbook on the train to Eindhoven and return…

CHRISTIE, Werner Hosewinckel (#165)

…Plans at 11 Group, he commanded 234 Sqn’s Mustangs on Bomber Escort operations, and became Wg Ldr 150 Mustang Wing in Feb45 and the Hunsdon Wing in Mar45, and later became a POW for a few days having baled out over Germany after destroying a FW190 NE of Berlin on…

CALVERT, J Michael (#152)

…tendon in a football match. He returned to the United Kingdom and in March 1945, was picked to succeed Brigadier R.W. McLeod in command of the Special Air Service brigade. Leading again from in front he took two French parachute units of that brigade into eastern Holland and north-west Germany


…new Gloster Meteor jets. He continued to rise through the ranks, serving as Group Captain Operations RAF Germany and Air Attache to France before retiring in 1968. After the war he described his experience as “We were all very young, and it was a bit of a sport… We hated…

TUCK, RR Stanford (#9)

…Luftwaffe threw a party for him before he was sent to Stalag Luft III to sit out the rest of the war…or so his captors presumably thought. ALLIED PRISONERS OF WAR IN GERMANY, 1939-1945 (HU 1605) Squadron Leaders Robert Stanford Tuck and Roger Bushell (Big X) in Stalag Luft III,…

LACEY, James (#7)

…presented with it until the 1980s. “The Germans marched into Paris on the day he was due to collect it, so they had to put that on hold,” his daughter said. By the summer of 1940, France had surrendered to Germany, and Adolf Hitler had turned his attention to Britain,…

WALTER, AE Mervyn (#232)

…trips via the trans Africa and South America route to the American Capital. After MULBERRY and his work with the PORT CONSTRUCTION and REPAIR GROUPS-in FRANCE, BELGIUM and GERMANY, at the war’s end, he became British Member for the Central Rhine Commission, interestingly dating right back to the 1815 Treaty…

Royal Air Force and Commonwealth & Allied Airforces

…the YAK & ILYUSHIN FIGHTER GROUND ATTACK BOMBING to SUPPORT EASTERN FRONT USSR TROOPS & ADVANCE into GERMANY #7 James LACEY Squadron Leader James ‘Ginger’ LACEY DFM* AFM Croix de Guerre (28+ e/a) 501, 602, OC155 & 17, 72 & 43 Sqns; 57 OTU instructor for 249 top scorer (31+…

British Army and Commonwealth & Allied Armies

…JEEP, RAMC, both sides WOUNDED & LIVES SAVED #204 John TOUGH Private John TOUGH (‘two-ch’) young GORDON HIGHLANDER (father & 3 uncles wounded, 1 killed in WW1 GORDONS) for heavy fighting in HOLLAND, REICHSWALD, RHINE CROSSING & in GERMANY #122 Alexander TOURIETSK Colonel Alexander TOURIETSK Byelorussian from MINSK, served in…


…ANTI-TANK CARRIER CREW, L/CPL Jack PRATT, Horace READ, Bill HOLDEN #173 Simon S WERTHEIMER Simon S WERTHEIMER Born German in 1930; father & uncle decorated by Germany in WWI, commemorates Aunt Carola exterminated at TREBLINKA, the HOLOCAUST MILLIONS lost & British Major FRANK FOLEY saving hundreds as age 8 Simon….

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