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Civilians and War Production

…invented chaff, worked on proximity fuse and ATOMIC BOMB. Married 1940 [No. 182: Sir Samuel Curran, q.v.]. Many talented WOMEN att TELECOMMUNICATIONS RESEARCH ESTABLISHMENT MALVERN, AIRBORNE RADAR + ‘WINDOW’ COUNTERMEASURES – admired POLAND’s contribution. #182 Samuel CURRAN Sir Samuel CURRAN FRS FRSE DSc MA BSc PhD Worked in the war…

Royal Air Force and Commonwealth & Allied Airforces

#57 RC ALABASTER Wing Commander R C ‘Cliff’ ALABASTER DSO* DFC* (Subsequently contributed to the development of POSTWAR AVIATION, then as pilot Captain, Comets & BOAC) Representing OBSERVERS, the PATHFINDER FORCE, and 1943 PEENEMUNDE RAID (Operation Hydra) #3 George ATKINS Corporal ‘Tommy’ George ATKINS Nos 1(F) & 43(F) Sqns, in…

British Army and Commonwealth & Allied Armies

…all Casualties 19AUG42 #164 Jens-Anton POULSSON Colonel Jens-Anton POULSSON Norwegian War Cross with Sword, DSO, St Olav’s Medal, Légion d’Honneur, Croix de Guerre, US Medal of Freedom Norwegian military and then resistance. OC advance party to recce then join Joachim RONNEBERG’s daring Vemork HEAVY WATER. Raid, delaying German atomic weapons


…She passed away last week, at age 98. Rousseau stole key secrets from the Nazis, including details of weapons like the V1 and V2 rockets. Her operations are still considered a “masterpiece of intelligence work.” At a CIA awards ceremony in 1993, the agency’s then director, James Woolsey, said the…

Battle of Britain

…of early RADAR GCI stations in BATTLE of BRITAIN & later development of the NAVIGATION and BOMBING AIDS #218 Alexander B FRASER-HARRIS Commodore Alexander B FRASER-HARRIS DSC* CD** US LofM RN & RCN NOVA SCOTIA. 803, 759, 801 & 807 SQNs, HMS Glorious’ SKUAS Bombing of Königsberg, BERGEN, FURIOUS, N.AFRICA…


Web Development Ash Whitney Graphic Design Chris Heaton Assembly John Pollock | Michael J Hawkins | Claude Grunspan | David Wade | Charles CV Hyde | Frank Lennox-Millard Major Sources The Imperial War Museums British Pathe Wikipedia The Battle of Britain London Monument A Note on Other Sources & Credits:…

Naval & Naval Air

…AVIATION & DEVELOPMENT TEST FLYING #85 Alan BURN Lieutenant Alan BURN RNVR GUNNERY. Author of The Fighting Captain. Representing 15,000 RN (1/3 in ATLANTIC) CONVOYS and in memory of Captain Frederick J WALKER CB DSO*** & HMS STARLING (15 U-Boats sunk) #226 Jack CASEMORE Chief Petty Officer Jack CASEMORE RNVR…

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