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MAYBANK, John W (#242)

…NEW ZEALAND and COMMONWEALTH contribution to the ROYAL NAVY, here a “Hostilities Only” pilot on CORSAIRS, who joined the BRITISH PACIFIC FLEET after converting on to CORSAIRS in CEYLON, firstly in 1830 SOUADRON. John particularly remembered a strike against an island radar base off FORMOSA and how useful the mix…

BROWN, William (#156)

…story of FEPOWs who “were prisoners on the Thai/Burma railway, the Sumatra railway, the Sandakan Death Marches, in copper mines in Formosa, steel factories in Japan, building roads in Burma, air strips on Ambon, Haruka, Java, Rabaul, New Guinea and the Solomons. Also, thousands died battened down in holds on…

KINCADE, Paul B (#240)

…would be in ALLIED hands. Paul would go on to see the OKINAWA (Op. Iceberg: “OK IN A WAY”, as their own dry humour went then!) & the BOMBARDMENTS inshore of FORMOSA in a different capacity, as part of COMMUNICATIONS LIAISON TEAM 107. set up to integrate the CODES &…

Naval & Naval Air

…Signals & Gunnery ARMED GUARD for US MERCHANT MARINE, torpedoed, ARCTIC, PHILIPPINES, OKINAWA, FORMOSA, PACIFIC CONVOYS, COMMS Team. Served on the Australian destroyer HMAS ‘Quickmatch’ while attached to the British Pacific Fleet during the Okinawa Campaign. #233 Barklie LAKIN Lieutenant Commander Barklie LAKIN DSO DSC* US L. Merit RN HM…

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