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CALVERT, J Michael (#152)

…ideas of General Orde Wingate. 1933 Royal Engineers, 7 high Allied medals, Far East Jungle trainer, Norwegian Cdo, Wingate’s Cdr Chindit 77 Brigade, later SAS doctrine and author of three books about Burma, Wingate and the Chindits: Prisoners of Hope , Fighting Mad: One Man’s Guerrilla War, and Chindits: Long…

HOGAN, Neville G (#264)

…and who commanded KARENS. KACHINS, CHINS and SHANS, signs for the brave, largely forgotten, loyal hill tribes of BURMA, some of whose destinies sadly to this day have been affected by their fighting for the BRITISH and against the JAPANESE. Neville, who became Chairman of the CHINDITS Association in 1997,…

RHODES JAMES, Richard (#138)

…know when we’ve done more justice in writing up our extraordinary signatories. Author (e.g. Chindit, 1980), historian & teacher. Headquarters, 111th Brigade in India, Second Chindit Expedition to Burma. Short IWM oral history CHINDITS and INDIAN ARMY’s South East ASIA CD, INTELL1GENCE, SIGNALS & Orde WINGATE’s air-supported, long range penetration….

SUTCLIFFE, Douglas H (#235)

…& CHINDITS (into BROADWAY), the 81st WEST AFRICAN DIVISION (ARAKAN), GURKHAS (CHOWRINGHEE), IMPHAL, KOHIMA etc in BURMA from HUDSONS & DAKOTAS, food, ammunition, guns, tank tracks & parts, mules & many other items, FLYING OUT with CASUALTIES; lost many good friends on 62 SQN; also Anthony Eden’s elder son, Simon,…

BRITTON, Arthur W (#305)

…Austers and even Tiger Moths coming into the small strips supporting the Chindits and the Arakan Campaign. Remembered too at times were the vital ‘cab ranking’ and air support activities from Beaufighters, Hurribombers and also Vultee Vengeances. As would be echoed by more than half a dozen of our signatories…

British Army and Commonwealth & Allied Armies

…ideas of General Orde Wingate. 1933 ROYAL ENGINEERS,7 high Allied medals, Far East JUNGLE trainer, NORWEGIAN CDO, Wingate’s Cdr CHINDIT 77 BRIGADE, later SAS doctrine and author of three books about Burma, Wingate and the Chindits: Prisoners of Hope, Fighting Mad: One Man’s Guerrilla War, and Chindits: Long Range Penetrations….


…to ’em all.And back to their Billets they crawl,You’ll get no promotion this side of the ocean,So cheer up my lads bless ’em all Our 300 signatories made their wartime contributions in Armies and as airmen; on water and at night; in the War Cabinet, as Chindits, in Arctic Convoys,…

Royal Air Force and Commonwealth & Allied Airforces

…HORNET 18Apr42, bombed Tokyo, 14hrs+ bale out in China; India B-24, US C-54 #235 Douglas H SUTCLIFFE Flight Lieutenant Douglas H SUTCLIFFE RAF W A/G, INDIA, BURMA, 3.5 yrs Bombing, AIR DROP, Casevac XIVth ARMY, 81st W.AFR DIV, CHINDITS, GURKHAS; IMPHAL, KOHIMA, BROADWAY, ARAKAN HUDSON/DAKOTA 139 & 62 SQNs #66…

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