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ISON, Paul E (#291)

…Ryukus only 350 miles from the southern Japanese home island of Kyushu. In this massive amphibious assault of Marine and Army units, they landed on the Hagushi beaches on 1 April 1945. For most of April, the First was employed in a hard-driving campaign to secure the northern sections of…

ZIETAN, Theodore (#237)

Alan Pollock’s Rough Notes: A work in progress – the fuller biographies will emerge in due course: please sign up to the Newsletter (bottom of the page) and we’ll let you know when we’ve done more justice in writing up our extraordinary signatories. US NAVY’s vital 13th FLOTILLA/TF13 Amphibious Force,…

CURTIS, Lawrence (#260)

…which simulated an amphibious landing in the Pas de Calais, and was timed to coincide with the actual D-Day landings in Normandy. Over the next few weeks Curtis attacked many of the large V-1 storage sites in northern France using the 12,000lb “Tallboy” bomb. On September 15 No 617 flew…

Naval & Naval Air

…service and joined the air sea rescue team. HMS HAUKRU @15 with Captain & 3 crew NORWEGIANS, RAF AIR SEA RESCUE and MARINE CRAFT UNITS. Representing WEST INDIES SERVICEMEN #237 Theodore ZIETAN Robert Theodore ZIETAN US NAVY’s vital 13th FLOTILLA/TF13 Amphibious Force, PACIFIC LANDING SHIP TANKS & destroyer escorts, Hawaii…

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